Aditya Grover



I am an assistant professor of computer science at UCLA. My research is centered around probabilistic approaches for machine learning with limited supervision, with a current focus on generative modeling and sequential decision making under uncertainty. I am also an affiliate faculty in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA, where I ground my foundations research in applications at the intersection of physical sciences and climate change.

Before joining UCLA, I was a research scientist in the Core ML team at FAIR in Meta. Previously, I completed my postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley (2021; advisor: Pieter Abbeel), PhD at Stanford University (2020; advisor: Stefano Ermon) and bachelors at IIT Delhi (2015; co-advisors: Mausam, Parag Singla), all in computer science. During my PhD, I spent wonderful summers interning at Google Brain, Microsoft Research, and OpenAI.

Contact: adityag at cs dot ucla dot edu

Selected Awards

Ph.D. Thesis

     Learning to Represent and Reason under Limited Supervision
     Advisor: Stefano Ermon
     Committee: Stephen Boyd (chair), Moses Charikar, Eric Horvitz, Jure Leskovec, Percy Liang
     [thesis][press 1, 2]
     ACM SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2021.

Journal and Conference Publications


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