Aditya Grover

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UCLA


I am an assistant professor of computer science at UCLA. I lead the Machine Intelligence (MINT) group, where we develop AI systems that can interact and reason with limited supervision. My current research is at the intersection of generative models and sequential decision making. On the applied side, I actively ground this research for developing systems and software for data-driven scientific discovery, particularly in climate and sustainability domains via the ML4Climate initiative.

Before joining UCLA, I spent a gap year as a research scientist in the Core ML team at FAIR, Meta. I completed my postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley (advisor: Pieter Abbeel), PhD at Stanford University (advisor: Stefano Ermon) and bachelors at IIT Delhi (co-advisors: Mausam, Parag Singla), all in computer science. During my PhD, I spent wonderful summers interning at Google Brain, Microsoft Research, and OpenAI.

recent news

  • Honored to be selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.
  • We released Stormer, which beats Graphcast to set a new state-of-the-art for ML-driven weather forecasting. Stormer won the best paper award at the Climate Change in AI (CCAI) Workshop at ICLR 2024. Congrats Tung!
  • VideoCon won the best paper award at Data Problems for Foundation Models workshop at ICLR 2024. Congrats Hritik!
  • Honored to be awarded the Schmidt AI2050 Early Career Fellowship.
  • Honored to be selected as a Kavli Fellow by the US National Academy of Sciences.
  • Thank you Washington Post, MIT Tech Review for covering our research on ClimaX. My comments on the field more broadly in Nature and Science
  • ClimaX wins the best paper award at ICML Workshop on ML and Scientific Modeling. Congrats Tung!
  • CleanCLIP wins the best paper award at ICLR Workshop on Trustworthy and Reliable Large-Scale ML. Also to be presented as oral presentation (acceptance rate: 1.8%) at ICCV. Congrats Hritik!
  • Looking forward to serving as the General Co-Chair for the 3rd Causal Learning and Reasoning Conference (CLeaR) in 2024.
  • Honored to receive the AI Researcher of the Year Award by Samsung.
  • Upcoming talks:
    • May 2024: ICLR Workshop on AI
    • June 2024: Keynote at Adaptive Experimentation Workshop at Meta
    • August 2024: Invited Talk at Monterey Data Conference
    • September 2024: Invited Lecture at Croucher Advanced Study Institute, HKUST
    • September 2024: Forbes Under 30 Summit
  • Recent talks: UC Berkeley - AI + Physical Sciences Symposium for Climate Innovation, NeurIPS Workshop on Robustness of Few-shot and Zero-shot Learning in Foundation Models (Keynote), SoCalNLP Symposium (Keynote) HydroML Symposium (Keynote), KDD Environment Day (Keynote)