Aditya Grover

Email: adityag at

I am a third-year Ph.D candidate in Computer Science at Stanford University, affiliated with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Statistical Machine Learning Group. My advisor is Stefano Ermon.

I am interested in developing algorithms for efficient reasoning in probabilistic models for high-dimensional data, especially in the context of unsupervised learning. A large part of this entails the design and analysis of suitable learning objectives (AAAI 2018), improved stochastic optimization algorithms based on approximate inference techniques (AISTATS 2018), and learning of useful representations of data (ICML 2018).

A large part of my aforementioned research focus is grounded in applications in diverse areas, most recently in compressed sensing, relational reasoning, and optimal experimental design for sustainable development.

My research is supported by a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship in machine learning. Before joining Stanford, I obtained a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Conference Publications

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