Aditya Grover



I am a research scientist in the Core ML team at Facebook AI Research. I also collaborate with Pieter Abbeel at UC Berkeley as a visiting postdoctoral researcher. In Fall 2021, I will join UCLA as an assistant professor of computer science.

My research is centered around the following question: How do we develop artificial agents that can effectively reason under statistical and computational constraints in the real world? To this end, I focus on machine learning for probabilistic and causal inference, representation learning in high dimensions, and decision making under uncertainty. I am also interested in grounding this research in real-world applications in science and sustainability.

Previously, I completed my PhD at Stanford University (2020) and my bachelors at IIT Delhi (2015), both in computer science. During my PhD, I spent wonderful summers interning at Google Brain, Microsoft Research, and OpenAI. At Stanford, I created and taught a new course on Deep Generative Models with my advisor Stefano Ermon.

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